Introductory Flight Lesson:

Introductory Flight Lesson:

An introductory flight lesson is a fun and affordable way to experience the thrill of flying. Although it’s called an introduction, it actually counts as your first flight lesson toward earning a private pilots license.

You will discuss aerodynamics relating to how airplanes fly, preflight inspection, a brief discussion of flight procedures, and up to a 1 hour of flight time (including taxi and run-up), flying over our local mountains, cities, beaches and . You will get to take the controls and actually fly the Airplane!

If you would like, during your Introductory Flight we may have an opportunity to take a few pictures that we will be happy to share with you! Just let us know ahead of time and we’ll be sure to get an email address for where to send them after your flight is complete.

The Introductory Flight lessons are scheduled on a first come first served basis by appointment only.

The flight will depart from Camarillo Airport in our most popular trainer, the Piper Warrior III. If you would prefer to fly in the Diamond DA-40 it is available at a slightly higher additional cost.

Guests are welcome to join us during the fight; just be sure to let us know ahead of time so we can accommodate everyone.

Included at the end of your lesson will be a real pilot’s logbook with the record of your flight recorded.

If you wish to continue your flight training, we’ll setup a pilot progress log file, recommend a Private Pilot Home Study Course, books and equipment you may want to purchase direct from the pilot store or

We’ll also set you up with our scheduling software and discuss any additional questions you may have. In addition, we’ll be happy to set you up with a free six-month AOPA membership, which includes AOPA Flight Training magazine.

The cost for our Introductory Flight training package is:

Piper Warrior III, Piper Archer III, Cessna 172: $179.00

Piper Warrior III, Piper Archer III, Cessna 172: $199.00 (with passengers)

Diamond DA-40, Diamond DA-40XL, Piper Arrow: $199.00

Diamond DA-40, Diamond DA-40XL, Piper Arrow: $239.00 (with passengers)

Either package includes up to 2 hours of instructor time and up to 1 hour of airplane time.



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